Sunday, September 27, 2009

Island Park

This weekend, I had the opportunity to go to Island Park with my friends to fish and hang out at the cabin.

On Saturday, we went over to Big Springs to see the fish that will never be caught and to check out the house that a midget name Johnny Sack built that has four-foot doors and other miniature things built for a little person on a Big Spring. On our way back to the car, I decided to show off my insanely awesome balancing act on a small fence that ran along the sidewalk. I was doing really well until I took one misstep. The diagram below accurately depicts the events that followed.

Upon regaining consciousness (I didn’t really pass out), the first thing I saw was my sunglasses laying three feet away from me with one of the lenses popped out. My friends helped me up and we walked to the car to drive back to the cabin and mend my wounds.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Honk if You're Awesome!

Last night, I had to meet with my dad for appointment so he could check my eyes and get me a new pair of sunglasses. (Story within a story: I went to a football game in Pocatello last Saturday and lost my sunglasses.)

While we waited for him to finish up with another patient, The receptionist got my little brother, Tyson to go out to the street (which is a very high-traffic road) to hold up a big sign that said "HONK". That was it. Just "HONK". The response he got was incredible. It was weirder if a car drove past without honking. It was hilarious to watch.
At the end of the appointment, my dad let me pick out these new sunglasses to replace the ones robbed from me. I really like them. They have a certain "galacticly attractive " quality about them. Don't you think?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

We Will Never Forget

Eight years ago tonight, I laid my head down in the guest bedroom of my great-grandma's house, completely unaware of the horror that would plague the next day. When I woke that morning, I was speechless at what I saw on the news. The severity of the September 11 attacks was not yet apparent. The first tower had been struck by a seemingly accidental plane and I watched on live TV as another plane hit the second Twin Tower. My thoughts immediately turned to my mom, grandma and brother who were in Chicago on business and supposed to travel home that afternoon.

The chaos and confusion of that day was nearly unmanageable to my ten-year-old-self. Not knowing when I would again see my family tore at the depths of me. Tear-stained pillows and hours on my knees can testify to that. It was several days before I got to see my family again, and it was the happiest reunion of my life. Never before had I had so much appreciation for the day-to-day things too often taken for granted. To be standing in my grandma's kitchen surrounded by my loved ones was all I needed that day.

Tonight, I reflect back on that dark day. I ponder the countless lives lost and I turn my head to my Father in Heaven and thank him for my family and loved ones and for their health and safety. I thank Him for the veterans of this nation and for those protecting its sanctity today. I thank Him for the opportunity to live in one of the most prosperous nations on Earth and I thank him for all of those who have made these blessings possible.

'The Spirit of Ricks'

This week, I started my classes at BYU-Idaho. It has been so much fun moving into my apartment, meeting my roommates and getting to know tons of neat, cool people.

As part of our fresman orientation, or "Get Connected", We attended many meetings discussing "The Spirit of Ricks" and the spirit felt on this campus. I have felt this spirit arround my new friends and while attending my classes. However, neither all the rumors I had heard nor stories now funny nicknames for the University could have prepared me for "The OTHER Spirit of Ricks".

At our talent show on Tuesday night, there were a variety of performances. However, the vastly dominating and apparently popular thing to do was sing an original song while playing the guitar. When one boy was in the middle of his performance, a girl stood in the back and screamed as loud as she could "TAKE ME TO THE TEMPLE".

Wow. This really is BYU "I-Do".

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Love Is Spoken Here

I'm not generally a person to express myself on a cathartic medium nor do I often express my emotions. However, tonight my heart is full as I realize that I am about to spend the last 12 hours in my house before I depart for college. Tomorrow morning I will arrive in Rexburg, ready to become a student at BYU Idaho. It seems like just yesterday I was walking into Mrs. Buell's 7th grade Reading class. I am excited to set out on a path of new adventure. Nervous, but excited. However, this post is not about my education or the steps I have taken to get where I am. This post is a dedication to my home and my family.

For those of you who don't know, I part of what leading experts call a "blended" family. It's like the Brady Bunch only different. I live with my mom and grandmother as well as my little brother. My family has always been the driving force behind me and they are always the ones I fall back on.

Grandma Jo.

She is the most incredible woman I may ever have the privilege of knowing. She is the epitome of a matriarch. She is solid as a rock with gentle hands that could heal the world. She has seen her share of trials and always manages to rise stronger. My grandma would do anything to protect her family and she is always the last person she thinks of. I will never be able to repay her for her selfless service.

My mom.

There are not even words I can muster to explain my mom. The first thing one needs to know about my mom is that she was raised by my grandma. Meaning she has to be some degree of amazing. She is kind and loving, but most of all, she is forgiving. She is an incredibly driven worker who has challenged me and inspired me to do better my whole life. She is smart and able to catch on to new things easily. She has always been there for me at the drop of a hat and always knows exactly what to say to melt away and troubles or fears I have ever had.


"Let him sleep. For when he wakes, he will move mountains." -Napoleon Bonaparte.

This quote has always reminded me of Tyson. He is just nine years old, but one can easily see the fire burning in his eyes. He is incredibly gifted and smart and I have no doubt that he will go extremely far in life. Tyson has a personality that others cling to. He is charismatic, caring, humorous, compassionate, and honest. No matter the test, subject, chore, or favor, Tyson does everything to the best of his ability and settles for nothing less than excellence.

I am so grateful that God chose me to live with this wonderful family I have. They have molded me into who I am today and I know that they are always going to be there for me. Each member of my family brings something special to the table and I love them all so much. I am grateful for my home and for the cozy and settling feeling when I walk in the door and I am thankful. Love is spoken here.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

High School Musical 4

I don't care how cool or "above High School Musical" you think you are. Watch this video. Laugh your head off. Love it!