Thursday, October 9, 2008

The quaint office of Sarah Palin

I found this in a Newsweek magazine and had to post it. If you look off to the right, you can see the Russian coastline.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

D.A.R.E. to resist drugs and violent driving.

This one was just too good to not blog about. Tuesday night, I went to mutual, a more recently developed habit of mine. The nature of the activity (a service project at the church farm) didn't excite me in any way. Reluctantly, I drove to the church house where we all met and then caravanned out to the farm. My car was the first to arrive (no surprise there) and we got out just in time to see a fellow Priest spin a cookie in the parking/driveway area of the church farm. We all turned in shame and began walking to the offices. Behind the moron in the truck was a minivan which did not belong with our group. The driver (a profile-perfect scout leader) got out and approached the irresponsible nimrod. We turned to watch the action unfold. “Can I see your license?” asked the man as he revealed a gleaming badge. With terror in his eyes, the boy showed the man his license and registration. As the cop studied the documents, it clicked. The man was my DARE officer in sixth grade! We did the work assigned to us and then toured (or turd if you so prefer) the farm. As we were leaving, I followed the kid out of the parking lot. He idled all the way to the main road and not once approached the speed limit.