Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Reason for the Season

At this time of year, we hear the word "peace" all around us. We feel peace in our homes when our loved ones are near and the spirit of Christmas always brings a special sense of peace.
One of the easiest ways to feel peace is to live the gospel of Christ and I believe the best way to do this is by reading the Book of Mormon.
In the Book of Mormon there is a story that is one of my favorites, Lehi's Dream. in Lehi's dream, he sees a great and spacious building (not a large home) which represents the pride of the world. He sees a straight rod of iron with people of all ages clinging to it with both hands which represents the gospel. Lehi then sees something astonishing, a tree which is glowing and strong and bears the fruit of life. In all of our homes right now, we have something that is glowing. It is adorned with ornaments and it is also a tree.

We have often heard of "the first morning of the resurrection". Imagine waking up on a snowy, white morning. Your whole family is there and everyone is happy. Under your tree is a gift. A man dressed in red brought it to your family while you slept and it is the gift of eternal life. That is what Christ has done for us.
When you look at your beautiful trees in your homes, remember to keep Christ in Christmas. It is because of his atoning sacrifice that we live and that we will be able to continue to live. I hope that all of you have a merry Christmas and that you can feel peace in your homes and your hearts.